Academic & Extracurricular Excusion

The aim of these excursions is to create experiences rich in positive emotions, in the way facilitating a cultural exploration and understanding of Italy.

Students and Faculty

We place our students and faculty in apartments, B&Bs, and hotels according to program type all located within the historical city center of Florence.

Classrooms, Meeting facilities
and Office Space

With Florence as our campus, our facilities are located all around the city to allow ample classroom and office space as well as meeting points between faculty and students.


Florence Campus offers a customizable meal plan that can be used at Fedora (pastry shop and bistro), Ganzo (restaurant), and Sorgiva (spa). These spaces are creative learning labs operated by the students and faculty our university partner in Florence and fully open to the public for community engagement.

24/7 Emergency Assistance,
Support, and Advising

Our student life and program services are available 24/7 for any emergency situation. We also offer counseling services for students for cultural adjustment, mental health, and overall wellness.

Bi-Lengual On-Site
Coordinators and Chaperons

All program instructors and staff are bilingual in Italian and English. 

Airport Pick-up
and Drop-off

Airport pick-up is included in all our programs and airport drop-off can always be arranged.

In Country Transportation

All transportation for activities and excursions in the program in included for travel within Italy.